four babies birth in a delivery, Both are doing good.

Rajapalayam women delivered four male babies in single birth

_20170422_114019 (1)

.       photo credit : Dinamani news paper.

 Banumathi  a 24 year old women     her husband Pathinettampadian.  both are living  in Keezha Aavarampatti near Rajapalayam at Virudhunagar district.  they got married 2  years back, her husband is  working as a daily wages worker in  a spinning Mill.    The doctor’s conformed 4 babies at the initial stage of her pregnancy . ON  Thursday  night  she was admitted in the hospital, on the next day,at Friday morning 8’O  Clock,Doctors decided to do a surgery and takes  the babies.the children’s were born  on  normal weight too

.  Keezha Aavarampatti people’s  are very  happy  heard of Both,  Mother and babies are doing good.


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