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for a person basic need is he has to communicate with other on their own language or any common languages… i stack on both mine and common language of English. because i never thought i coming to this writing profession. now, i’m doing my mater degree in Journalism…. i have only one year to face the society with my words but, still I’ve lot of trouble on it to make the things.  I opened a word press account on few day back. Because most of them tell  me , you need to improve  your English  knowledge as well as the sentence formation. i too feel that. But  i  couldn’t know, how to make lengthy paragraphs without grammatical error. you peoples  has to help me to improve my way of writing,grammatical  in English

how to make story with spicy title. How to make crispy sentences.  still i’m lagging on crate a lengthy typing ,i’m troubling in the detailed writing . i use simple sentences and that to not give support , or not suitable foir the specific location, those are the problem of mine…….


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