Next Shock !!!! Unique No, mandatory for Cow Like “Aadhar Cards” says Govt of India

Next Shocking Move  By BJP



TheCurrent BJP Government was opposed the Aahar Scheme at the time of  they opponent party…

Now, The scenario totally changed after they take over of the BJP govenment, they make it,Aadhar card is mandatory  for Indian. Every Indian should enroll their name to get Aadhar for this Government open Aadhar enrolling Centres  each and every district. Now most of them have their Aadhar.  Aadhar card must for government and Private Jobs application,School admission, Passport, gas connection,Account opening, Even  Aadhar mandatory to buy a sim card too.Every where we need Aadhar Card.

Now they progress this scheme to the Abandoned Cow’s to protect them.

The central government planning to give a tag on Ear,it will use to tracking the cows and protect them from Smuggling group. We can protect our own Cattles too.

“Each cow and its progeny across India should get a Unique Identification Number for tracking,” the government reportedly said in its report to the apex court.

According to reports, one lakh technicians have been armed with 50,000 tablets and their task is to affix a polyurethane tag on the ears of the bovine. For this the centre has reportedly allocated Rs.148 crore to accommodate costs of the tag, tag applicators, tablets and health cards.

 The taxpayer feels,Government has to wasting their money for this kind of schemes..

Now, every  one raising their voice against this Scheme.


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