Actually,Now I don’t know what is the nation Wants to Know??? Says Arnab Goswami!!!


After He resigned his job  from Time Now on 14 November, he Say  at the Farewell meet with Colleagues “it’s just a beginning”… After a few days in Bangalore,he was announced, going to start  a new channel with a Support of an London  based Organisation.  He start process to start Republic Tv. From the beginning itself he faced lots of problems. the problem Starts with To change Name o f the channel. He fought on the both illegal and legal problems. From today  Republic TV Start it’s on air  process (May6)

The first Show  is started at 10’O Clock.. Arnab Thanks to each and everyone for supporting us at the Difficult time My duty is to reveal the truths. The channels  work  full freedom.

In that 6 months I travelled across the country met many people.I’m not much traveller,for to start channel travelled a lot.

Sharp  at 10 O Clock viewers get a another chance to see anrb on his own channel.


“Now actually I don’t know want the nation wants to now. I missed many moments I want to Debate with you but from today I can do.. I’m a nationalist. I will support my Country I miss that.”

Game Begin’s….

First Target to Lalu prasadYadgangHe had link with Mofia gang.



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