Madurai over take Vellore. Yesterday #40.4°C recorded at #9 clock

#Madurai is


Madurai people’s Current Scenario! Be like at the day time

#Hot city No !

#Hotter city No !

#Hottest city yes !



Past week 

Madurai becomes #hottest city in Tamil Nadu over take Vellore district!

Madurai recorded the highest temperature among the southern districts
On #Tuesday it reached #40.4 degree Celsius at 9’O clock it self it is highest of the this year!

Madurai’s all time highest Temperature was 41.6°C on 19,1997
Is 41.5°C in 6,2012 then40.8°C in 2013, 2015
Last year highest #tem 40.4°C

This 40.6°C  also highest recorded temp  of  year too.

#Madurai Whether.
How it was gradually increased.

Let’s see the past one week whether report!

18th July 34.9°C at 9

19th July 34.2°C at 8

20th July 37.4°C at 9

21st July. 39°C at 10

22nd July 39.8°C at 9

23rd July. 39°C at 8

24th July 39.6° at 11

25th July 40.4°C at 9

Yesterday even worster, it reported 40.4°C at 9 clock itself.

People suffered a lot of this heat! Every avoiding to go outside at the day time!



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